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Testimonial From Mike

Sun Skin Sunblock and lip block is it is the best sun block I have used.

Over the years I have completed numerous long distance and multi day cycling events using a wide range of sun blocks with varying results. Some worked some did not at all and caused more discomfort.

I have been using Sun Skin for the past 3 years and can say it has worked 100% in preventing sunburn during the long hours I spend on my bike riding. I no longer get blisters on my lips or cracked lips.

I recently completed the Freedom Challenge Race – Cradock to Willowmore. It happened to be over the period when Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas experienced the hottest day in 50 years. Temperature experienced exceeded 43 degrees & 30 hours in the baking sun. I can safely say that using Sun Skin I did not experiencing any sun burn at all.

Seeing fellow riders battle with sun burn I realised I had the perfect protection product.

Application of the product is quick and easy and lasts for a long time before requiring reapplication.

It does not leave a greasy sticky film on my skin causing me to sweat more.

A big plus is that it does not leave a bad taste in your mouth if you happen to ingest it.

I will continue to use this product going forward as well as telling my cycling friends how good it is.



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