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Be Skin-Mindful

Mindfulness is about the here and now, being present in the moment. We all feel good when we look good. Be Skin-mindful and make sure you’re not harming your skin for tomorrow’s present – your skin represents your age & identity and a flawless skin enhances your confidence.

Factors largely responsible for Skin Deterioration:

 1. Excessive sun (UV) exposure

In addition to increasing your chances of skin cancer & wrinkles, spending too much time soaking up UV Rays ups your pigmentation risk. Pigmentation is one of the most difficult conditions to treat successfully. Wear our well-formulated SUN SKIN SUNSCREEN with UVA & UVB protection (broad spectrum) every day, approved by Cosmetics Europe (COLIPA) – even if you’re not directly exposed to the sun.
Don’t burn! Sunburn can manifest as skin cancer years after the initial burn. Your risk doubles with more than 5 burns in your life. Do a regular mole check.

2. Too much Sugar

High sugar/alcohol intake results in a process called ‘glycation’, which destroys the collagen fibres that keep the skin looking young & healthy. This process is irreversible, but it’s avoidable. Antioxidants in skincare products prevent glycation and reduce inflammation, like SUN SKIN SUNSCREEN’s antioxidants Ubiquinone & Vitamin E that prevent glycation and reduce inflammation.

3. Lack of Sleep

This leads to raised cortisol levels, which break down collagen, dehydrate the skin and increase the number of molecules that damage cells. The skin recuperates while you sleep – it needs to cope with attacks from the environment (sun, humidity, pollution). Get enough sleep!

4. Stress

We need to recognise the stressors (work, money, pace of life …) that are causing us to feel overwhelmed, and acknowledge the fact that our lives are overwhelming. The intensity of how you would be affected by your stressors depends on the way you react. Manage it by doiing physical activity / exercising (increases the blood circulation for increased oxygen, sweat to get rid of toxins), eating healthy and make time for ‘me-time’. Skin-Mindful! … ‘wear your sunscreen’

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