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Formulation of Sun Skin products

Sun Skin products are formulated by Andre Burger, Engineer & Cosmetic Scientist with advice from Professor Aubrey Parsons of Wits University – a formidable cosmetic formulator in the world

Philosophy of Sun Skin

Sun Skin believes in the holistic approach to care for the skin.  Knowledge about the sun, environment and the ingredients in the products are important.  Product knowledge will empower all family members to understand the importance of skin care.

The long term skin damage is caused by environmental elements ea. the sun, dust, pollen, sweat, smoke, pollution, etc.  The main contributor to skin aging is the sun.  The sun contributes about 80% to the skin aging process.  Skin aging can be controlled.  The controlling elements are; knowledge, routine, products (ingredients) and controlled exposure to the sun.

Sun Skin started by creating Sun Care Training information for schools.  This information provides the teacher with experiments to demonstrate the visual impact of the sun on human beings and objects.  The Sun Skin lesson plans give children an awareness of their environment (at school), and also gives the teacher an opportunity to link habit forming to skin care.  The school is seen as an integrated unit in the community; parents need information, teachers need theoretical and experimental material, the principle (management) needs to create a physical environment (shade). All these elements need to be linked to a school’s sun safe policy.

Facts about SUN SKIN Sunscreen

  • No animal products are used in the products.
  • The SUNSKIN range consists of SPF 30, 50. Clear spray SPF 50 to protect against UVA & UVB, PLUS  UV-DERM SPF 50 protects against UVA, UVB & VISIBLE light (blue & violet)
  • Always re-apply sunscreen (useful to apply every 1h30 to 2 hours). SUNSKIN is water resistant.
  • Shelf life: unopened is 24 months. Opened, is 12 months. Keep in a cool place

Sun Filters

The sunscreen filters are organic. It consists of Carbon chains that absorbs the UV-rays (energy) and divert it into heat. Therefore neutralises the UV rays. SUNSKIN uses modern SA, European and USA approved UV filters to neutralise the UVB (burning) and UVA (ageing) rays.

The sunscreens are stable to offer reliable protection. The stabilizers in SUNSKIN are used to prevent these filters from becoming free radicals.

Product Ingredients

The concentration of the ingredients in the SUNSKIN range is formulated in coherence with the delicate & sensitive skins.

SUNSKIN uses Euxyl 9010 as a preservative – it is safe and child friendly.  SUNSKIN sunscreen doesn’t contain Paraben or Phenoxyethanol.

SUNSKIN Sunscreen contains the antioxidant Vitamins E, ‘Ubiquinone’. This antioxidant protects the skin from free-radicals and UV rays.

Vitamin E enhances the effects of sunscreen and keeps the skin safer. Vitamin E is normally found in the skin and is an effective antioxidant in the lipid (oily) phase of the cell. It protects the collagen and studies indicate that it can make the skin look healthy.

Sun Skin products are formulated for to cater for all skin types and all skin tones.  The Sun Skin products are safe to be used by all ages and it will protect UVA and UVB rays.  Each set of UV rays has its own specific filters and it is necessary that the ration of UV protection is sufficient to make sure that the epidermis doesn’t get over exposed.


SPF – SUN PROTECTION FACTOR – refers to the UVB protection and it is necessary to have separate and specific reference to UVA protection.   The symbol for UVA protection is a circle with UVA in it.  It is possible to have sunscreen that does not have UVA protection.  It is advisable to look for the UVA symbol on the products.